2008 July 07 Healthtorial

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To 10 Health Systems: U.S. Most Unpopular – Dutch – Most Popular

Several recent surveys by Harris Interactive, including the latest Financial Times/Harris Poll, asked an identical question of cross-sections of adults in ten developed countries about their own health care systems.

Health Canada estimates unsafe drinking water causes 90,000 illnesses and 90 deaths every year. News headlines warning of contaminants (i.e. arsenic, benzene, chlorine) and pesticides in tap water have stirred controversy and confusion. Canadians are also learning that water in single-serve, disposable plastic bottles isn’t an environmentally-friendly solution to their drinking water concerns.

pairing of Weight Watchers meetings with SSHE meals is the perfect combination for successful weight loss without all the work of planning, shopping and cooking healthy, balanced meals.

Labor Agency and Migrant Education Program Partner to Prevent Heat Illness in Agricultural Industry

Olympic Swimmer Takes on New Competition

Employees Lose Over 500 Lbs in Challenge

What’s in your refrigerator may save a life…

Almost 50% of Americans Exposed to Second-Hand Smoke

Young Adults with Prehypertension Are More Likely to Have Coronary Artery Calcium and Atherosclerosis Later in Life

turbovetHealthy Food in WattsInternational Guidelines Will Promote Food Safety of Plant and Animal Biotech ProductsNew Technology Speeds Veterans’ BenefitsTo 10 Health Systems: U.S. Most Unpopular – Dutch – Most PopularHollywoods War on Smoking ContinuesAlmost 50% of Americans Exposed to Second-Hand SmokeGenerationOne to Launch Nation’s First Mobile Collaborative Care SolutionPharmaceutical Companies have New Rules to Live ByStep Out of the KitchenEmployees Lose Over 500 Lbs in Challenge

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