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Rice N Shine is no longer available since ITV went out of business.

The good news is that Patty McPeak the original formulator of Rice N Shine has her own product, 24/7.

NanaCea 24/7 is essentially the same as Rice ‘n Shine except it adds Co-enzyme Q10, folic acid and Beta carotene.

Also the soy has been taken out which is good since soy isn’t healthy for you anyways.

Please read Patty’s message located on this page toward the bottom.

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Went to Holland Mi. May 2nd.

We took a 300 mile round trip to Holland Michigan Saturday. Holland is the Tulip Capitol of the U.S. I would think.

It was pretty neat. We went to the Dutch Village. We liked it a lot. Of course there were tulips all over like almost everywheres else in Holland. They have some nice shops and the outside had bridges, statues and play areas for kids like the giant yellow wooden shoe with a slide.

Took hundreds of pictures. Wish I could post more…

Also went to Windmill Island Gardens. They have fields of tulips in a rainbow of colors. Also smaller plots all around. A lake is nearby and a big bridge. A really large old windmill is the center piece. People were lined up to go inside.

There were several people selling stuff in tents and they dress the part of old time Holland.

It was a rally enjoyable adventure for us and we hardly realized all the exercised we were getting until we got home.

It was the first day of the tulip festival in downtown Holland so after we ate we headed there. That was a mistake. It was just too crowded.

It took us hours just to try to drive back out of there after we couldn’t find a parking place. If we go back it won’t be on opening day.

The pedestrians and drivers were both short on patience’s going though red lights and such. Even away from the city a bit, I haven’t seen such bad drivers in a long time. We had to stay on high alert being careful in case someone ranned a light, didn’t stop or just cut you off.

I’m glad we went though and discover some pointers for next time. We always enjoy it when we get a chance to go on an adventure.

Hope you had a great weekend as well.

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