3 Safe and Effective Fasts For Weight Loss

The Skinny on Fasting:

Fasting for long periods of time can be dangerous and pointless as most people gain back any weight they lose after long cleanses and fasts once they begin eating again. Short term fasting can be very effective and is much safer. With any kind of fast, a decrease in calorie intake will affect your energy levels, and anyone fasting should be careful not to over exert themselves while cutting calories. Fasting is exceptionally dangerous for diabetics and anyone considering fasting should consult their doctor to make sure they are healthy enough to do so. With this in mind, here are three fasts that are safe and effective ways to lose weight.

1. Juice Fasting:

Juice fasting is a fruit and veggie juice only meal plan that cuts solid foods and fiber out of your diet completely. Your body spends a great portion of its energy on the process of digestion. By cutting solid foods and fiber out of your diet, you give your body the allowed time to focus on digesting and metabolizing stored calories and cleansing your system more thoroughly. You will also shed water weight on this diet as a low consumption of sodium signals to your body to release stored water. This fast calls for lots of water and as much juice as you so desire. Half of your juice should come from green veggies, the other half from other fruits and veggies that add sweetness and flavor. Juicing is key here, not blending. Juicing produces only the nutrient and enzyme rich liquid from the fruits and vegetables by leaving out the fiber-full solids. Depending on which specific juice fast plan you choose, as there are many, you may also be allowed herbal teas and some solid fresh fruits. While cutting down your fiber, protein and calorie intake, short term juice fasting still gives your body lots of nutrients and keeps you hydrated.

2. The Three Day Fruit Fast:

The idea of the three day fruit fast is simple. By cutting out certain food groups, with the focus on cutting any and all processed foods, you cut your calorie intake and toxin intake of things like preservatives, artificial sweeteners and harsh chemicals. If you cut your calorie intake by enough, you will lose weight by burning stored calories (fat) for energy and giving your digestive system a break from the processed products. The first day, the faster is expected to drink protein shakes throughout the day and then have a raw salad in the evening. The next two days call for a serving of fruit every two hours and a raw salad for dinner with some additional lean protein. You should drink lots of water during this fast. Thankfully, this fast, while greatly cutting your calorie intake, still allows you some nutrients and proteins and is structured so that one does not fast too much or too long.

3. The Straight Up Fast:

Fasting is considered a short term weight loss method because your body can only handle going without for so long before it begins to suffer. The straight up fast is just what you’re thinking: water only. For short term benefits, losing weight quickly, some people stick to this diet for two or three days. It is not considered the healthiest option and you will almost certainly gain the weight back once you begin eating again, but there is an alternative method of straight up fasting. For long term benefits there is a safer way to do this fast, one full day once a week. Consistent short term straight up fasting is the only way one can make straight up fasting work for their body in the long run. One day without food may not cause you to lose drastic amounts of weight by the end of the night, but over time the cut in your calorie intake and breaks given to your digestive system will begin to show on your body and remain permanently.

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