Be Somebody Green Tea Scrub

I’m a huge fan of Philosophy body scrubs, each tub carries an intricate scent and texture but all are exceptional exfoliants that nourish you skin at the same time. This is a dense salt scrub sitting in marine green pool of silky oils, it’s very thick and you really get to dig your fingers in there, I cant stand spending money on a body scrub that has a few grains swimming in grease, you will not get that here, this is luxury that you can have at home without the ridiculous spa price tag.

The scent is subtle, a tint of soft green tea and the sea, very delicate and ethereal but it will polish you to a serious glow while the moisturizing oils will make your skin feel fantastic, it makes me want to listen to Debussy’s La Mer while I scrub! This is wonderful to use before shaving legs for those who do it, I always use it on dry skin, sometimes I will wet my hands a tiny bit if the scrub is really thick but it really does work best in the shower with no water spraying you so step back and take your time and when you rinse it almost feels like rebirth, just sublime. I used this twenty minutes ago and had to sit down to review it, I have been a fan of these for years now but this was my first time using this scent and it’s just wonderful. I love how each fragrance has it’s own thing, some are fluffy some are thinner, this one is just perfect and as always it leaves me clean and polished.

These scrubs are potent, I try not to use them more than once a week, a little light scrub here and there is fine every few days but if you do the dry scrub head to toe ( not the face) don’t over do it, your skin is not a floor, too much is never a good thing unless it comes to reading books so easy does it and you will be rewarded with beautiful smooth skin all year round.

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