Cardiovascular Diseases & Transfer Factors

Cardiovascular diseases (CVD), in particular coronary heart diseases (CHD) seem to be a popular topic of discussion by the many medical experts in the medical fraternity. There has also been a lot of development in this field with a lot of advances being made regularly and of course similarly many new discoveries and postulations being put forth by many researchers.

New evidence-based guidelines are available to aid clinicians in improving the preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic management of CHD; particularly in women. Surveys and quality improvement initiatives have documented the underuse of evidence-based interventions for women. Precise application of evidence-based therapy by the treating physician has the potential to improve the clinical outcomes for women with CHD. But, yet they are still increasing despite theses many advances with new methods of treating such cases.

It has been ascertained that heart diseases is the leading cause of both women and men deaths in the United States. In 2002, 696,947 people died of heart disease with 51% being women and this was 29% of all U.S. deaths. Coronary heart disease is the fore-runner principal type of heart disease with 494,392 deaths in 2002; representing about 71% of all heart disease deaths. It is estimated that about 47% of cardiac deaths occur before emergency services or transport to a hospital. In 2006, heart disease is projected to cost more than $258 billion, including health care services, medications and lost productivity. Worldwide, coronary heart disease kills more than 7 million people each year.

It is really alarming……oh dear! What then are the causes and why is it modern scientific techniques aren”t curtailing its proliferation? Of course, we do know of the inherent risk factors but are we addressing the root cause of the disease? I had just posted the article on the homocysteine factor for the benefit of many people to realize that it is all the more important for each and every one of us to play a bigger part in identifying the disease much earlier. Just as the saying goes, "Prevention is better than cure". But how many do take this precaution. It is not so much as any other reasons but more due to the lifestyles you adopt, the food you ingest and the environment that you are in.

Many would rely on the doctors” prescription to save their lives which are mainly drugs, drugs, drugs and none other than drugs!! Why did you not ask yourselves whether these drugs are just temporary measures in containing the problem? Or are you so naive not to take an interest in knowing what these statins drugs would do to your long term health? In fact there are many people now resorting to alternatives, meaning those that do not have side effects on their health in the long run.

Pharmaceutical companies can reap much from the sale of drugs that advertisements and promotions at the expense of each of you seems to be the intention of the day. Mind you……it is at your expense. Have you explored some other statin drug alternatives? In fact there are many other alternatives but yet again you must be able to be sure of its effectiveness.

Remember, it has to be solving the root cause of CHD and not otherwise. Amongst one of such alternatives is Transfer Factor which has been touted as the new kid on the block in the transferceutical arena. Take a look at this alternative approach which is taking the medical fraternity by surprise. Be pounds wise as it addresses the root cause of the cardiovascular diseases.

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