Car Insurance For Classic Cars

Insuring your classic car is a bit different that insuring the car you drive on a regular basis and it is important to know that most standard car insurance companies may not be able to give you the adequate car insurance for classic cars. The reason for this is most cars are insured according to their actual car value. This means that as your car ages it is considered to be worth less each year. This means that 57 Buick may have very little if any actual car value assigned to it no matter how much time, effort, or money you put into restoring it.

Most classic car enthusiasts spend months and even years reconditioning a classic car and spend thousands of dollars in parts and labor not to mention a lot of effort and love into bringing these cars back to near new condition and then maintaining them. They certainly don”t want to buy insurance that will pay them nothing for their efforts and expense should the unthinkable happen and their car meets with an unforeseen accident. That is why it is important to purchase the right kind of car insurance for your classic car from a company that knows that the value of these cars is more than the actual value that is attributed to most cars.

The best car insurance for classic cars is insurance based on the agreed value of the car. This is determined in a number of ways, but includes the parts and labor that has gone into restoring the car, the condition the car is in and the number of original parts. This means should your classic car get destroyed in an accident you would get 100% of the agreed value of the car and that value does not depreciate.

Classic car insurance is also cheaper than one might think since classic cars are rarely driven usually only for shows. However, there are restrictions that insurance companies often put on classic cars. These restrictions may include the amount of miles you are allowed to drive your classic car in a given month or year and that the car must be kept in a garage when not being shown, and that you have proof that you have other vehicles you drive on a daily basis. Some insurance companies also require that anyone driving a classic car be at least 25 or 30 years old and have at least 10 years driving experience with a clean or fairly clean driving record.

If you are looking for classic car insurance and aren”t sure where to find a company that deals in this special insurance then a good place to start your search may be with This site will give you a list of some of the insurance companies that insure classic and antique automobiles. You can also do an Internet source to find other insurance companies as well.

Choosing the right insurance for that classic car will help you protect your investment and pay you for the expense and labor that went into maintaining that beautiful machine.

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