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Affiliate Customizer Software
Re: Affiliate Customizer Software Program - Quick And Easy Software Tool Saves Your Affiliates Time And Effort!
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Affiliate Customizer


Full Master Resale Rights AND Brander Included FREE

Affiliate Customizer makes it a snap to train and help your existing and new affiliates to sell more of your products ... quickly AND easily.

Great new ''anyone-can-use-this'' software program shows you how.

Dear Web Business Owner,

If you have your own affiliate program or you are planning to start one, you probably already know that you can increase your affiliates'' earnings and profitability by creating ready made adverts for them to use. These marketing tools allow your affiliates to advertise for you and make sales with minimal cost and effort.

Usually an affiliate has to spend a lot of time and effort looking up their affiliate link or ID and then modifying the advert by hand. With "Affiliate Customizer", your affiliates can quickly and easily customize each of these adverts with their own unique affiliate link and any other details you want them to include ... with just a couple of clicks and links.

By automating this process for them, you will not only save them time and effort, but also reduce the chance of them making expensive mistakes that can result in lost commissions for them and lost sales for you.

In the competitive world of Internet marketing, helping your affiliates to quickly and easily brand promotional material for your products, gives them and you a competitive edge, resulting in more affiliates actively promoting your products more often.

Until now automatically customizing adverts could only be done using special scripts installed on your web site, involving lots of expensive custom programming work.

But now there is an alternative ...

Affiliate Customizer is brand new Windows software which will customize your adverts in seconds.

Your affiliates simply fill in a short form with their details and the software will automatically customize your adverts for them.

Once entered, the affiliates details are saved, so new adverts can be customized almost instantly too.

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How To Make Life Easier For Your Affiliates and Increase Succes for Both Them and You!

To use Affiliate Customizer, you must prepare your adverts using the simple steps explained below.

You then give your prepared advert to your affiliates along with a free copy of Affiliate Customizer.

Your affiliates will still be able to easily customize your adverts by hand if they prefer, but using Affiliate Customizer is easier and faster.

To prepare your adverts, all you need to do is add an instruction about where to insert an affiliate link.

For example, if you want your affiliates to insert their name at a particular place in your advert, simply insert this code in to your advert:

(*Your Name*) at the relevant place in your advert. When your affiliates use Affiliate Customizer, it will automatically ask the affiliate for their name and replace all occurrences of (*Your Name*) with the affiliate''s name.

Similarly let''s say your affiliate program is called ABCD. To have your affiliates insert their affiliate ID for your program, simply insert:

(*Your ABCD ID*) at the relevant place in your advert. When your affiliates use Affiliate Customizer, it will automatically ask the affiliate for their ABCD ID and replace all occurrences of (*Your ABCD ID*) with their ID.

You can insert anything else you want in this way too, including name, address, phone number, email address, web site link, affiliate link and affiliate ID.

Full instructions and examples are included with your Affiliate Customizer Software Program.

Here''s how it works ... When you have prepared your adverts, simply let your affiliates access them as normal, by copying them off your web site or by sending the adverts to your affiliates in an email.

You also need to provide your affiliates with a link to download a copy of Affiliate Customizer (which you can give them for free).

To customize your adverts, your affiliates copy your advert from your web site or email onto the Windows Clipboard in the usual way, then run Affiliate Customizer.

Affiliate Customizer will instantly analyse the contents of the Windows Clipboard and present the affiliate with a simple form to fill in.

When they have filled in their details on the form, they click the Update button and the Windows Clipboard contents are instantly updated, customized and ready for use.

Affiliate Customizer remembers everything your affiliate enters, so when they use the software to customize another advert, any previously entered details will be automatically filled in on the form. This means subsequent adverts can be customized almost instantly.

Affiliate Customizer even allows for customizing files, as well as the Windows Clipboard contents, so you can easily make mini web sites or even full autoresponder courses instantly customizable.

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Your Free Money Making Brander

To distribute Affiliate Customizer to all of your affiliates, you need to buy a license. The license comes complete with a special brander, allowing you to put your own web site name and link prominently on the software.

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You can make money from Affiliate Customizer, while helping your affiliates promote your products too.

YES! The brander software itself also includes additional promotional and advertising material within the software program so you can earn commissions on sales made from these adverts too.

Full Master Resale Rights Included FREE with License

The license and brander for Affiliate Customizer actually comes with full master resale rights. This means you can sell the license and brander to others and keep all the money.

Just make one sale to recover your investment. Alternatively you can bundle license and brander with other products, or offer it from membership sites.

The license and brander comes complete with a copy of a mini site to help you sell it.

What Makes Affiliate Customizer The Perfect Solution?

Making life easier for your affiliates can significantly boost your popularity and sales. It''s as simple as that.

Add to this the income potential from selling the license and brander to others and I''m sure you will agree that this is outstanding value and an irresistible offer for any web business owner to leverage from hundreds and thousands of affiliates marketing and selling your products for you.

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Affiliate Customizer Is Point-And-Click Easy. Your Affiliates Open the Software, Drop In The File They Rebranded And They Have Their Very Own Customized Product, Along With Customized Links To Display In Their Ads ... which In Turns Creates More Sales For Them AND You!

Affiliate Customizer is a simple Windows™ application that will guide you through the entire process of creating and adding professional quality, streaming web audio to your web pages. Simply point, click, and create!

It really is that easy!

Let''s face it, in the software game, there are always competitors out there, but Affiliate Customizer is the obvious choice. You just won''t find another affiliate branding application that is as easy to use, and is designed specifically to enhance your affiliates sales, boosting your profits in the process!

And best of all, Affiliate Customizer is the best value on the market. You could easily spend several hundred dollars on expensive affiliate branfding software, but with Affiliate Customizer, everything is included! Once you purchase Affiliate Customizer, it''s yours forever and you''ll never have to spend another penny!

Timing IS Everything and Your Timing IS PERFECT!

Hey, we''ve released a new piece of software called "Cam Studio" and it is yours absolutely free when you purchase "Affiliate Customizer Software"

Cam Studio lets you to make a video of your computer screen with you talking as the audio. Many successful internet marketers use Cam Studio extensively - for example, to demonstrate a service or product that they are marketing.

We would love to give you this limited opportunity to receive the software package Cam Studio for FREE - it''s our gift to you.

At this point you''re probably thinking that, "Software that does all this, and gives me such an outrageous advantage over my competition must be expensive. And, since you''re not charging me any monthly fees, you''re probably going to charge me an arm and a leg up front to make up for all those lost fees."

Well, that''s not going to happen here!

For the low price of only $27.00 you''ll receive this powerful, feature-packed software that allows you to virtually grab your visitors by the ears, and force them to pay attention to your most important marketing messages!

You''ll be creating professionally branded instantly with a click of the mouse. You''d normally expect software with such a robust set of features to cost you three or four times as much, and that doesn''t even take into account the monthly fees you''ll save.

But, with Affiliate Customizer there are no hidden fees, no monthly fees, and nothing else you ever have to buy. For the one-time low price of only $27 you and your affiliates are in complete control of creating fully branded ebooks, webpages, autoresponder series, articles and more!


Hey, you''re an important customer. And if you''re not happy, we''re not happy either. So if you''re not happy with what you discover from "Affiliate Customizer Software" we do not expect ... or want to keep your money.

Let us know your thoughts and we''ll happily arrange a prompt refund. It''s the least we can do if you''re not happy with your purchase.

Okay? So you really can''t lose! The powerful Affiliate Customizer and the Special Bonus Cam Studio Software is yours to keep
- no matter what.