Five Ways To Make Your Lips Appear Fuller

Five Ways To Make Your Lips Appear Fuller

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Lip Injections

One of the techniques that women around the world use in order to appear younger is making their lips look fuller than they really are. Not only are full, plump lips attractive and sexy, but they''re also youthful in appearance, especially since women''s lips tend to get thinner with age.

If you''re looking for ways to make your lips fuller, continue reading for five things that you can try.

See your dermatologist for a simple procedure that will give you plump lips right away. You have probably already heard of lip injections, thanks to celebrities who do it all the time in order to get a sexy pair of lips for a red carpet event or a movie appearance, but you can take advantage of this great procedure too. It''s fast, easy, and painless, and you''ll love the results.

Concealer Technique

A good makeup trick that you can do at home really quickly involves the use of concealer. Apply it all over your lips so that you sort of create a blank canvas on which you can work. Then, take a lip liner that is the same shade as your natural lips, or even one that is up to two shades darker than what your lips look like on their own. Use the liner to outline the lips, but draw your line a tiny bit beyond where your lips naturally end. This will create the outline for your bigger lips. Make sure that you are able to blend the line properly to make it appear as natural as possible before applying your favorite lipstick or gloss shade.

Create a Fake Shadow

When it comes to makeup tricks, it''s all about how the light hits your face. By changing this, and by changing the shadows that appear on your face, makeup artists can really change you entire appearance quickly and easily. When it comes to making your lips appear fuller than they are, take a soft brown eyeliner or lip liner. Apply a tiny line of about 1/8th of an inch beneath your lower lip in order to create a little shadow there that will make your lips appear more plump and pronounced.

Choose the Right Lip Colors

When it comes to making your lips appear fuller, you want to definitely stick with paler shades. Dark shades will make your lips look thinner and smaller. Apply a pale shade all over your lips, and then top it off with some shimmering gloss that''ll reflect light. Once again, by playing with light, you can make your lips appear bigger.

Apply Gloss in the Right Place

After you''re done applying your lip color, apply your gloss only on the center of your top and bottom lips in order to create the illusion that they''re even fuller.

With so many different ways to make your lips look fuller, there''s no excuse to ever be self-conscious again. If these makeup tactics don''t work, you can also go for lip injections that have a more dramatic effect that lasts longer.

This post has been authored by Nancy Baker, a freelance blogger who is currently writing for Dr. Davide Iacobelli and DiGregorio P.C., a clinic specializing in Botox treatments in Michigan. She enjoys her work and she indulges in gardening and home brewing during her free time. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.