The Best Menus Diet for Diabetes Patients

The Best Menus Diet for Diabetes Patients

Is it necessary to pay for a dietician for give you an appropriate diabetic diet menu for you? Certainly yes, if you have enough money. If you want to save money, tips below can be used.

Replace rice with fiber carbohydrates, such as whole grains, bread, whole wheat flour, brown rice, potatoes, and cereals. If enough painstaking, calculate the intake of carbohydrates you eat to see Glycemix Index (GI) guide can be a wonderful idea.

In addition to fiber carbohydrates, fresh vegetables rich in fiber is the best menu for a diabetic diet, and among the best to eat is cabbage, cucumber, and lettuce. No need to cook it with a mixture of various spices, just the consumption of raw or steamed only.

Also, do not forget for eat fruits. Citrus, fruit berries, tomatoes, and fruit Noni is the best. In fact, the Noni fruit has a biological proxeronin capable of repairing the pancreas in producing insulin, so indirectly noni fruit is able to suppress the blood sugar levels to the lowest level.

Vary your diabetes diet with low protein / no fat. Proteins that may be consumed as sirloin, skinless chicken, tofu, soy beans, and grilled fish and steamed. Avoid canned foods, but because of the preservatives contained in these foods, high sodium content also should be aware.

Eating foods with low sodium are intended for protect your kidneys. In addition to kidney, avoiding sodium may reduce the risk of high blood pressure. Thus, a diabetic diet is not only protecting your pancreas, but also protects your other organs.