Upper Back Pain Relief and treatment

Upper Back Pain Relief and treatment

As the name already suggests, Upper back pain refers to the pain felt in you upper back. It can cause serious and excruciating pain when it occurs, and in most cases, it restricts your activities and, for that matter, yourself.

While the cervical spine plays an important in mobility, stability and balance, the upper back, or the thoracic spine is structured very strongly and therefore used to maintain an upright position while standing. It helps us to stand and keep in a specific position. It also protect the vital organs in the upper body.

Upper Back Pain can occur as a result of unsatisfactory sitting positions or from injuries, trauma or strain on the Upper spinal nerves. As these causes are fairly common to occur, Upper back pain is frequently combatted by old people, patients suffering from osteoporosis or people who simply sit in awkward and strenuous positions for long, such as those who work in front of computers.

There are also two other causes. There are large muscles which attach the shoulder blade to the upper back. These muscles are prone to irritation and can be easily damaged by repetitive motions or lack of strength. This is commonly known as Muscular Irritation. The ribs connect with the spine in the upper back by two joints that connect to each side of the spine. Pain or Dysfunction in these joints can cause massive pain in the upper back. This is known as Joint Dysfunction. These are the 2 leading natural causes of Upper Back Pain.

Upper Back Pain Relief

There are many relief therapies and treatments for upper back pain. The type and intensity of treatment depends on 3 factors. How bad your symptoms are, How much the symptoms affect you And how have other treatments worked on you.

First and Foremost, You should take a break and take a rest. However, contrary to popular belief, you should not take a break or a rest for a long time. After a short while, you should resume you activities slowly and avoid postures and motions that cause pain. Studies have shown that staying active actually relieves more pain than staying in the bed. Staying in bed may lead to other problems such as stiff joints and muscle weakness.

Usage of Ice or Heating pads is highly recommended by many specialists. Ice is popularly know for reducing pain and swelling and heat reduces pain and tension in the muscles. This is an easy and readily available method and this is very common.

Good Postures should be practiced. They should be kept upright in order to support the back. Poor posture puts pressure on the back. Similarly, Back supports can be used. These are long term treatments but also have long term benefits for the upper back pain relief

Perhaps the most important remedy is exercise which should be prescribed by a physician or an instructor. As a last resort, pain reducing drugs and narcotics can be used with the prescription of a qualified medical professional.

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