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Nursing in Today’s World: Trends, Issues, and Management

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The AJN Book of the Year award-winning textbook, Nursing in Today’s World, is now in its thoroughly revised, updated Ninth Edition. This vibrant full-color text presents basic concepts underlying professional nursing along with contemporary issues affecting the profession, including educational preparation, health care finance, legal responsibilities, and ethics/bioethics. Critical thinking exercises are embedded throughout the chapters. Key terms and concepts are highlighted in bold. This edition has more critical thinking exercises, plus a new Communication feature that teaches students how to communicate effectively in difficult situations. A new chapter, Nursing for the Future, includes discussions on informatics in nursing and evidence-based practice.

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The New Codependency: Help and Guidance for Today’s Generation

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The New Codependency clears up misconceptions about codependency and provides a new generation with a road map to wellness.

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Teaching Today’s Health (8th Edition)

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Teaching Today’s Health, Eighth Edition, balances comprehensive theory chapters with a wealth of effective classroom activities to give readers the tools they need to become successful health educators. In addition to an enhanced design, the Eighth Edition has been thoroughly updated to address current health issues in the classroom and to accommodate the National health Education Standards. More than a simple collection of lesson plans, this book’s strong background and depth in teaching prepares the reader for today’s teaching environment. In addition to addressing the increased diversity of today’s classroom, this text also offers ways to incorporate health education with other subjects, like science or social studies. The Need for health Education, The Role of the Teacher in Coordinated School health Programs, Planning for health Instruction, Strategies for Implementing health Instruction, Measurement and Evaluation of health Education, Mental health and Stress Reduction, Strategies for Teaching Mental health and Stress Reduction, Body Systems, Personal Health, Strategies for Teaching Body Systems and Personal Health, Sexuality Education, Strategies for Teaching Sexuality Education, Substance Use and Abuse, Strategies for Teaching About Substance Use and Abuse, Infectious and Noninfectious Conditions, Strategies for Teaching About Infectious and Noninfectious Conditions, Nutrition, Strategies for Teaching Nutrition, Injuries: Accident and Violence Prevention, Strategies for Teaching About Injuries: Accident and Violence Prevention, Consumer Health, Strategies for Teaching Consumer Health, Aging, Dying, and Death, Strategies for Teaching About Aging, Dying, and Death, Environmental Health, Strategies for Teaching Environmental Health. For all readers interested in effective classroom activities and who desire the tools to become successful health educators.

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