Anhydrol Forte: Stops the Hassle of Excessive Sweating

Anhydrol Forte: Stops the Hassle of Excessive Sweating
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Suffering from excessive sweating is very embarrassing, not to mention a big hassle to everyday activities. Although harmless, it still affects your physical and social characteristics that may result to negative judgment by many. What we should know is that excessive sweating or Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition that needs medical and urgent attention.

Sweating is a normal reaction of the body brought by physical activities. Excessive sweating is different as there is no need for a physical activity to experience too much sweating. It means that without temperature or activity element, the sweat glands are very active. Hyperhidrosis can also be triggered by some medical conditions such as alcoholism, diabetes, heart failure, Parkinson’s disease and certain cancers.

This is where Anhydrol Forte roll-on helps. You may use this product if you suffer from night sweats, generalized sweating and sweating in just one side of the body.

The Product

Anhydrol Forte is a quality antiperspirant product of Dermal Laboratories and is the answer to excessive sweating.

Active Ingredient

Aluminium chloride hexahydrate puts an end to your Hyperhidrosis by blocking sweat production by sweat glands.


It can be applied in hands, feet or armpit before going to bed. Let it dry naturally and wash off right after getting out of bed. Do not use other antiperspirant other than Anhydrol Forte. If you notice some irritation or redness, use it sparingly or in alternative days. Also, this should not be applied in broken skin because burning sensation can be experienced because of its alcohol content. If you are allergic to Aluminum chloride or any of the product ingredients, please stop using it.


This product is available over-the-counter in local pharmacies in United Kingdom. There is no need for a doctor’s prescription but advice from medical practitioner is still recommended if you have medical conditions that may cause adverse effect.

Side effects

There are very limited minor side effects like skin irritation, redness and itchiness are reported. Most of the said side effects are usually caused by its frequent application. If other symptoms of allergic reaction persist, contact your doctor immediately.

There is some information that excessive use of Aluminium can link to cancer but this is yet to be proven.

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After checking reviews and testimonials, it is found that Anhydrol Forte is an effective and safe antiperspirant. Its use is highly recommended to people suffering from Hyperhidrosis.