10 Ways to Look Fresh to Look

10 Ways to Look Fresh to Look
10 Ways to Look Fresh to Look

10 Ways to Look Fresh to Look

You have the morning no need to look fresh and good to see an hour. There are important things to do like um … sleep longer, for example? And breakfast food and clothing for the day you choose. Ultimately, it is fine if you look like you’ve done that morning. Much trouble Do something fun with your hair, and follow these beauty tips for instant beauty boost!

10 Ways to Look Fresh to Look :

Fresh and fruity, you soon with highlighter in the right places. Do you have a light, cool skin tone? Choose a more silver or pink highlight color. If you have a warmer color, a yellow or golden highlight color is beautiful. Dark girls is a golden highlight beautiful.
Apply highlighter to the places you want to bring forward as cheekbones, nose bridge and cupid’s bow that is on your upper lip. It also looks nice if you make a highlighter under your eyebrows. Shine under the angle or arc of your brow lift your face and do not forget to accent the inner corners Then you look awake while you may have slept. Only a few hours
10 Ways to Look Fresh to Look : sleep
One of the best beauty tricks is enough sleep. You soon radiates fatigue when you’re really tired. So try to sleep an hour earlier and wake in the morning feeling rested. Avoid stressful things before you go to sleep, like the light of your smartphone, computer and television. Keep a beauty sleep and late at night your body recover. Then you have to highlight the next day not even necessary. -)
Awaken a different impression – confident – by working on your attitude. Up straight, shoulders back and down, stomach contents and hips slightly forward a bit. Clothes hang better to your body when you are upright and the blood circulation improves when taking the right attitude. Beauty inside and out!

A good lipstick color is a quick way to be properly dressed. With a bright color on the lips you need further little makeup because you draw attention to your mouth. A two-in-one trick is to choose with a blue undertone a color. Seem whiten your teeth unlike lip colors with an orange undertone.

Eye Make-up

Mascara is the favorite beauty product of many girls and that’s not for nothing. By curling your eyelashes and mascara to make you look instantly fresher and increase your eyes. Provide length and volume and no one by that those bambi eyes have not had enough rest. Finish with a white or skin-colored eye pencil to neutralize redness. At the waterline Do you want extra bother? A line along the upper lashes make your eyes look even bigger.
Bags under your eyes give a tired impression. It is not always correct, but you can counteract the swelling it to continue. Oogrollers special about the ‘swelling’ Garnier has an eye roller that contains caffeine and has a metal scoop. That always feels cool to the touch under the eyes, so ideal to apply after you’ve woken up. Tip: highlighter is not always beautiful on walls. It is more suitable for dark circles, because otherwise you just puts the focus on the puffy areas under your eyes that you really want to cover up.
Nothing is better than your face just spray with a special mist your face. There are water sprays, such as Evian, which are suitable to refresh example, if you’re hot. Additionally, you can choose a spray that extend the shelf life of your face makeup (Urban Decay All Nighter, The Slick and Chill) or that reduce powdery layer allowing makeup looks natural (MAC Fix +). The facial sprays are actually a kind of deodorant for the face. It refreshes and leave you shiny. The sprays do something for your skin are often harder to find and more expensive, but water sprays are easily available and cost less. Look at a perfume in your neighborhood.
Water does so much more for you than caffeine / sugary drinks. It hydrates your body to dehydrate rather and let your face shine more. Beauty also comes from the inside, so make sure you are always hydrated. If you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated. If you do not drink soda helps to keep. Moisture levels You can also alternate with water, herbal tea or green tea without sugar.
Hydrate from outside
You are hydrated from the inside because you drink enough water. But by external influences, such as hot showers and heating is high, your skin can still be dry. Also, the cold affects your skin. Take care of your skin with rich creams or choose a natural option: honey. Creams usually leave a gloss on the skin, making you young and equipped for the coming days.
dry Shampoo
Oops … your hair hangs like fat strings to face your back and you have no time to wash it. Fresh is different, but the fastest way to get from here to use. Due to dry shampoo Shake the can, keep it about 30 cm from your hair and spray separator for separating your hair. Let it sit, and then work well in your hair with your fingers. Brush it through and then use your hands again for more volume ..

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