How to use a leading exercise ball

How to use a leading exercise ball
How to use a leading exercise ball

So what’s The Purpose of Leading Exercise Ball? Before looking at the motives of using a leading exercise ball, we need to understand as to what exactly are exercise balls and why are they even used in the first place? Exercise balls are also known by several alternative names such as Swiss balls or fitness balls, the latter term being more prevalent. There are several exercises in yoga, Pilates or other general workout in which the body needs to stay balanced while performing the exercise. It is under these conditions that an exercise or fitness ball is used. Virtually all exercise balls have an outer coating of soft elastic PVC which is completely harmless to the human touch and hence is ideal for contact exercises. The basic principle behind using exercise balls is to increase the effort required for exercising which will eventually help in building more muscles. There are several ways in which exercise balls are used such as by adding balance challenges during exercising or by engaging the scarcely used muscles to provide balance to the entire body which will correspondingly help in strengthening of such muscles. The leading exercise ball is a special kind of exercise ball which was invented jointly by some Swiss medical therapists. Initially, the only purpose of leading exercise ball was to provide support during various exercises and the reason as to why such a need was felt is because a rigid surface, when used for support, can induce unnecessary strain on the contact muscles. It is here that the leading exercise ball provides the solution by replacing a rigid surface with a soft, compressible surface thereby lessening the amount of muscle strain considerably. All the major muscles of the body can be strengthened by working out with the leading exercise ball. Since these balls maintain their strength even while undergoing pressure, they are quite popular even among those engaging in yoga or aerobics. Such balls are also used by several athletes who are engaged in heavy duty workout training. It’s important to note here that leading exercise balls do require some time to get used to in an optimum manner. It is not recommended that you go all out using a leading exercise ball with each and every exercise that you do, while just starting out. In fact, you should limit yourself in using a leading exercise ball with a maximum of two exercises while starting out. Of course, if you have been working out for quite some time, say two months, then you can surely use a leading exercise ball with any exercise which you have mastered during your time in the gym. Again, let me add here that a leading exercise ball should be used with caution and not by throwing caution to the wind. As mentioned earlier, leading exercise ball was originally invented to cure medical conditions but this is no longer the case. Several exercises which are done with a standing position can include a leading exercise ball to simultaneously improve the back muscles as well. Similarly for those exercises which are done in a sitting position, addition of leading exercise ball can dramatically improve the abdominal muscles.
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exercise ball..?
So for the past couple days I''ve been trying a new way of doing crunches, on an exercise ball. I used to do 500 crunches a night, and I didn''t see any results. I lost the weight, but I didn''t notice it at all around my stomach. I was watching an exercise show one time and they said that an exercise ball really helps show more results, and you only need to do around 3-4 sets of 12 crunches. Has anyone seen any really good results with an exercise ball?

PS; I don''t exactly diet, but I don''t overeat, and I don''t eat really unhealthy things.
oh yeah i forgot to say what i do. hm, its hard to explain but i hold the ball between my legs and when i go into a crunch i bring my legs and the ball towards my stomach. Im not sure if that helped to explain it

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