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PSA Levels Advice  Health News For Families

PSA levels? Whats that? When you get a question like that it’s puzzling since guys readily track all sort of sports stats. Yet very few know the PSA numbers to watch. Whats worse, just try talking about PSA testing or the DRE or even the prostate itself. Watch how fast denials, excuses, and subjects are changed by otherwise manly men who have suddenly turned squeamish. They dont even care to know whats a good reading for a PSA test? Yet the number to know when it comes to that is simple. When the level of PSA sloshing around in your blood rises above 4 nanograms per milliliter it’s time to get serious. If a repeat test confirms the elevated results it’s time to get even more serious. The amount of prostate specific antigen is on the rise and could indicate cancer. Or it could indicate an enlarged prostate. But you only know by further testing. And you’ll only know when your level rises above normal if you get the test.

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