January 28, 2011 Day 28-Visualize!

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Written on January 28, 2011 at 7:43 am by Shanda

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Its interesting how the mind is so powerful.  Ive been trying talk about motivating topics this final week.  It can be difficult to remain motivated for various reasons.  Some reasons may due to drastic changes or even your environment.  I know I had to learn and still battle with what I bring into my environment.  You also have to learn about yourself as well.  Im speaking about foods or activities that will derail you from being successful.  Everyone has favorite foods, and some foods make you lose your mind.  For example, I love pizza and Mexican food, however, I dont overdue.  However, put some chocolate around me and sometimes I cant stop.  I feel like its calling my name even when Im not hungry.  So I have to really think what I buy on the weekends when I go grocery shopping.  I have made my mistakes in the past and learned the hard way.  One time I had a big bag of peanut M&Ms and I was lying in the bed eating and kept on until I was sick.  I had to throw the rest away, because I was out of control.  So now I try to make better choices.Anyway back to visualization!  One of the biggest motivators for weight loss is your outer appearance.  Of course it is beneficial for so many other reasons, but being realistic, we love how we look in smaller clothes and the compliments we received. Even if you havent reached your desired weight- visualize it.  Think about how you will look after you lose 10 pounds or even 50 pounds.

Do you have pictures of when you were at your desired weight? If so, keep them handy as a motivator.  Heres another tool, either buy a new outfit in the size you want to be in or get out an outfit you were able to wear before the weight gain.  I did this when I first started Weight Watchers.  I had a dress that I loved, but when I gained weight, I couldn’t even zip it!  Once I started losing weight, I tried it on every week until now its too big!  This was a huge motivator and a great way to access my success.

Keep a vision in mind of you at your best health-looking great and feeling great!

Keeping your eyes on the prize, will take them off those fattening foods!

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